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Fish mappas recipe in Kerala style

 Fish Mappas

Fish curries either South or North Indian cuisines its different with each type of fishes used for making the curry.Also if we are following  the same method for the recipe it became bored and nobody likes it.So it happened in our house too and i tried this variety fish curry with coconut milk and freshly ground black pepper.It's so delicious with that pepper aroma and flavor and is best suited with rice.My son loves fish curries and he is constantly asking for fish.How could i ignore that sweet request!!!so here we go


Fish -1/2 KgShallots/Pearl onion - 10Green chilies - 3Whole Black Pepper - 2 Tb spTurmeric powder - 1/2 TspCoriander powder - 2 TspGarlic - 4 cloves Curry leaves - 2 sprigsTamarind(Kudam Puli) - 3 smallThick Coconut milk- 1/2 cupCoconut oil - 2 Tb spOnion- 1/4 portion,slicedWater - 1 cupSalt - as needed

Crush shallots, chilies,pepper,garlic in a small mixie jar.Marinate these crushed mix along with turmeric powder and salt to the cleaned …

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