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Simple Eggless Vanilla Ice cream recipe with 3 ingredients and No machine

Happy New Year Foodies.This is my first post for 2018..Yeeay...

Vanilla Icecream is the basic dessert and everything comes up after adding different flavors for this base.Everybody loves Vanilla Ice cream!!!But few Exceptions are there.Lets learn how to make simple Eggless Vanilla Icecream.

Ingredients needed

1.Heavy whipping cream - 500 ml
2.Sweet Condensed milk - 400 ml
3.Pure Vanilla essence - 2 Tsp
4.Salt - 1 pinch


Add all ingredients to a blender.Blend in high speed for 1 minute.Transfer to a freezer safe bowl or dish and freeze for 2 hours.Again blend that slightly freezed icecream for a smooth texture for 1 minute in high speed.Transfer it to the bowl and refreeze for 5 hours or overnight.Enjoy your fresh home made ice cream.
Just keep the dish in Room Temperature before digging.Dip the scooper in plain warm water for easy scoops.Add desired toppings if needed.
Have a good day peeps,

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