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Irachi Putte recipe#Putte recipes

Written By Kottayam Kitchen on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 | February 17, 2016

Putte or steamed cake is typical break fast recipe of Kerala.Its very easy to prepare.Remember 1 thing,if you didn't wet the rice flour properly while mixing ,this will take hours to prepare this easy putte....This happened for me in my first stages of cooking...in Nov,2011.It was cleared by our grand ma, and after that i'm preparing putte in 15 minutes..My husband always says this story about grandma and putte...thank you so much Ammumma...
Anyway now a days so many varieties of Putte is available in Kerala and the famous among all restaurant is film star Dileep's Dhe Putte restuarant in Kochi.In their menu they have a long list of Putte and other combinations.

OK today i'm speaking about Irachi putte.I have made this before and this time i have captured the photos for you people.For this Irachi putte you can either use Chicken or Beef and it should be minced one..NO bones
Here i used minced beef which i kept  as left over after  making cutlets..(i freezed it for making cutlets on another day).But i thought i can make putte with a good masala.

Ingredients needed

  1. Cooked & Minced beef - 1 cup
  2. Onion  - 1/2 (sliced finely)
  3. Meat masala - 1/2 Tsp
  4. Chilli powder - 1/2 Tsp
  5. Garam masala - 1/4 Tsp
  6. Salt - to taste
  7. Water - 1/4 cup
For Putte

  1. Rice flour - 1 cup
  2. Water - as needed
  3. salt - to taste
  • Beef should be cooked  before in pressure cooker with lit salt and turmeric powder and minced(make into small pieces in mixxie)
  • Wet rice flour by adding 1  spoon by spoon(its for beginners)otherwise they will make rice flour paste.
  • Sprinkle water to the  rice flour and try to make small round balls,This is a tedious process and the only serious step in putte making and you need a big thing called Patience.
  • After 5- 10 minutes of kneading process ,you will get good wet putte podi with lots of small balls.(with this small balls you can make Mani putte,another variation from Annie's Kitchen)
  • Keep this aside in fridge or counter top and prepare the beef masala.
  • While preparing irachi masala, boil water in a pressure cooker or Putte maker.
  • To a hot pan,add oil(veg or coconut oil) add sliced onion with lit salt.When it becomes soft and brown,reduce the flame and add all the masala powders in the list.Saute and fry it(Add extra oil if needed).Until the oil becomes clear in the top.
  • Add cooked and minced beef to the dry masala gravy and saute it.When everything blends add water,cook for another 10 minutes until the gravy thickens.
  • Arrange wet putte podi and Beef masala gravy alternately in puttu kutti or Chiratta putte and make Putte as usual in pressure cooker or our traditional Putte maker.
  • Keep the flame as high and Cook until steam comes from the nozzle and keep this in medium flame for 5 minutes and transfer it to casserole or plate and have with balance beef gravy or simply have that Irachi putte(no need of extra curry if you have a good gravy).


Have a good day
Kottayam Kitchen


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