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Green colored smoothies are always healthy and helps us in weight loss.If you are seriously trying to reduce weight you can have this smoothie..Its perfect for lunch or dinner as well.Now a days myself and my husband is trying to reduce our extra weight...Oh yes one thing is there for this plan...Its wedding season in our family..So off course as part of  pre beauty package we are reducing our weight..Also try to eat dinner before 8 pm daily..We had this green smoothie for lunch and seriously it made our stomach half didn't had extra rice...That's the magic..We had half of this glass(half myself n half my husband)...It was lit difficult since we are adding raw spinach and ginger(cleaned)...But with some sweetness either honey or sugar,you can reduce that rawness.OK enough story.Here comes the ingredient list

Ingredients needed

  1. Head romaine lettuce -1/2 to 3/4 
  2. Baby spinach - 5-6 nos
  3. Fuji or Granny smith apple - 1/2
  4. Fresh ginger - 1 Tsp
  5. Lemon juice - 1 Tb sp
This quantity Serves  just 2(if use a small glass) and double the quantity accordingly.


  • Add Ingredients to the blender one by one.Cut lettuce and spinach into medium sized pieces with fingers.Blend it to form a smoothie.Add few ice cubes and crush it.
  • Pour into chilled glass and whisk in lemon juice.
If you have this this kind of detoxifying smoothies it will helps in digestion and reduce the extra food in take..

Also try to avoid fried and other fast foods

Have a healthy life

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