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Home made Black berry jam recipe#Berry Jam recipes

Written By Kottayam Kitchen on Friday, January 29, 2016 | January 29, 2016

Berry jams are always sweet and delicious for any french toast or a simple sandwich.Usually for berries seeds are not a waste.We are simply consuming.so no need to strain berry juice for making jam..Simply squeezing,heating and storing...You can mix up berries and prepare mixed fruit jam using this same method.Lets see whats happening 

Ingredients needed

1.Black berry or any berry fruits like blue berry,strawberry or raspberry - 1 cup
2.Sugar  - 2 to 3 Tsp
3.Lemon juice - of 1 lemon.(con)

Method of preparation with step by step photos
1.Place a clean plate in freezer for 15 minutes prior to this preparation

2.Then Wash and pat dry black berries in tissue paper.

3.Squeeze it gently using a steel spoon.

3.When all berries blend nicely,transfer the content to a pan.
4.Heat the pan and cook the berries.Add sugar  and lime juice and stir continuously until it thickens for 10 minutes in medium flame.Since we are not adding extra water,it will the reach consistency soon.
If its taking too much time,switch off the flame and allow it to cool normally..(by that time it thickens)

5.Check the consistency of the jam in a cold plate.Simply coat a teaspoon full of jam to the cold plate.Then gently pass your index finger through the jam and lick it.If its form a clear space like in above pic,your jam reaches the right consistency.

Actually i was busy and in between my kid interfere with  me and i forgot to take those pictures and only took the final one.

Refer notes
  • Enjoy this healthy home made jam with bread or any roti.
  • Its ideal for kids who always ask syrup or sugar for having food.
  • My kid likes it and have this with bread,dosa and chapthi.
  • Quantity of sugar in this jam is your wish.since black berry is little sour ,you can add atleast 2 tsp of sugar in order to avoid that.
  • Also we are adding lime juice,which acts as preservative and keeps the jam safe from contamination.
  • But remember always use a clean dry spoon or knife and use within 1 month,since we are not adding extra chemicals...
  • Use clean sterilized glass jars for storing.(sterilize the glass jars[heat resistant jars like mason jars]in hot boiled  water for 15 minutes).keep it outside for self drying.Clean the lids in hot soapy water and self dry it.Clean the rim too.
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