Raspberry Grape Mocktail Recipe#perfect summer Drink

Mocktails are simply mixed fruit juices or pulps with ice cubes or crystals.Kids love these fruit punches.I'm happy to tell you my 18 months old champion used a straw for the first time for having this colorful drink.He loves it.This raspberry grape mock tails is very tangy.So make sure to add enough sugar and salt.

Ingredients needed

1. Fresh Raspberries - 5
2.Fresh Red Grapes - 4
3.Lime juice - 2 Tb sp(con)
4.Mint leaves - 2-4
5.Water - 4 cups
6.Sugar - as needed
7.Salt - taste
8.Ice cubes- 3-4


  • Blend all fresh fruits with mint leaves and water once.Then add sugar,salt and lime juice.Blend again.Strain it using a strainer.
  • Serve in long glasses or mocktail glasses with enough ice cubes.
  • Enjoy with your family.
  • Keep some fresh fruits and mint leaves for garnish.
  • Garnish the edges of the glass with salt.(Place salt in a plate and dip the edges of the glass,in order to look like a cock tail touch).
  • You can also use bottled juice as well.But try to use fresh ones for more taste.

Happy Summer

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