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Fresh Salad Recipe !!!Go green!!! hurray

Written By Kottayam Kitchen on Monday, February 2, 2015 | February 02, 2015

  Fresh Salad

Fresh Salads are always healthy and gives a good  freshness for us.In todays world almost all are (exceptions are there)health conscious including me.For example, speaking about todays youth or old women every one is following fashion and for wearing all those fashion dresses we are slowly taking some control over food esply at night,dinner.I'm like that and for reducing my tummy i'm trying to have salads at night.Salads can be made freshly at home within no time.1 plate of pure green and fresh salad is more healthy than a plate full of rice,bread varieties or any non veg items.Now a days salads or salad bars are part of all good restaurants and we can have varieties of salads over there.Here i'll come up with difft varieties of salads in the following days.

Today i'm giving you a simple recipe for a green fresh home made salad which can be prepare within 2 minutes if all veggies are ready.

Here apple gives the tangy flavour,Avocado gives the creamy texture and Tomato adds the colour...Lettuce,simple green leaves is the main ingredient of salads and all together this is a simple green salad which goes perfectly with any type of cuisine.

Things we need

  1. Iceberg Lettuce - 3 Pieces (detached pieces from a lettuce ball)
  2. Green apple - 1(instead use Cucumber)
  3. Avocado - 1
  4. Tomato - 1 
  5. Extra Virgin Olive oil - 2 Tb sp
  6. Lime Juice - 2 Tsp(1/2 lime)
  7. Pepper powder - to taste
  8. Salt - to taste

  • Clean  apple and tomato by dipping it in salt water.
  • Cut tomato into cube like shape avoiding seeds.
  • Cut apple into cubes.
  • Cut and slice avocado ( length wise) omit that seed.
  • Add lemon juice to the avocado and apple pieces,which keeps the colour and can avoid browning.
  • Clean lettuce in tap water and Simply cut the lettuce into small pieces with your hands(it gives taste,no need of knife)
  • In a bowl,add cut avocado,apple,tomato and lettuce pieces.Add required olive oil,pepper powder  and salt.Mix it gently with a fork and arrange it in a salad plate.(Mixing is the back bone of a good salad.)
  • Have it freshly 

  1.  Avocado is not available in our Kerala,so we can substitute it with low fat Mayonnaise.
  2. Also can use salad cucumber in place of Green apple.
  3. Instead of Lettuce use Carrot slices or Onion.(these options are only for malayalis staying in Kerala,abroad people is having all these stuff in shops)
  4. As we all know,Extra Virgin olive oil is good for health and gives extra taste and makes the salad juicy

Think about  healthy meals daily n avoid fast foods

Happy Cooking

Kottayam Kitchen

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