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Grape wine for Christmas #Home made Recipe

Written By Kottayam Kitchen on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 | December 10, 2014

                                                                  Grape Wine

Christmas is right around the corner.We all are busy with baking cakes and cookies for x'mas.Also without a Wine, x'mas party won't be perfect.So here comes the recipe for a pure home made grape wine.

Wine making at home has a long tradition.The method using is so simple  boiling water and crushing grapes. The fermentation of wine requires grapes, yeast, sugar and water.The right conditions and sufficient time for those four ingredients yields delicious wine. 

Things you needed
1.Large  Clay Vessel or Porcelain jar-2
2.Wooden spoon - 1
3.Black Grapes - 1 1/4 Kg
4.(Boiled n cooled completely)water - 6 bottles
5.Sugar - 2 Kg
6.Cheese cloth - 2
7.Yeast - 2 Tsp
8.Wheat kernels - 200 gm

  • Sterilize the jar and wooden spoon.Pour boiling water to the jar. Stir it with the spoon for several times. Pour out the water.
  • Clean grapes,remove all dirt,insects and  rotten or broken grapes. Rinse the grapes in water several times. Spread them in a clean cloth and dry it. Rinse off the wheat kernel several times  and make it dry.
  • Pour the grapes into the jar a little at a time. Using a spoon rupture all the grapes in the jar. Don't completely mash it.Pour the water over the grapes.
  • Activate the yeast by mixing it with one cup of luke warm water and two teaspoons of sugar. Mix and wait for five minutes. If its ferment yeast makes bubbles.Pour the active yeast into the jar.
  • Pour the wheat germ into the jar with 1.5 kg of  sugar. (remaining 1/2 kg is useing for caramal syrup).Mix thoroughly. Place the lid on the jar and make it airtight. Store the jar in a cool, dry place.
  • Stir the contents of the jar once using a clean wooden spoon(if possible at same time)daily for the next three weeks.Completely reseal the jar using a cloth.
  • On 21 st day (counting from the day which you have added grapes to water as 1st day)Strain the contents of the jar into your second jar through the cheesecloth. Slowly pour off the liquid from the jar and squeeze the liquid out of the grapes into the vessel(with clean hands). Remove any sediment from the fermenting jar. Strain it all into the second vessel with all those remaining sugar content.
  •  Reseal the jar and replace it in a  cool and dry space. Wait at least three more weeks (21 days)before opening the jar again. The longer you wait, the more alcohol will be produced by the yeast.
  • By this time the remaining sediments will have settled to the bottom, so the wine on the surface should be clear and good. If you want,you can strain it again through cheesecloth for clear wine.  
  • Store the wine in coloured glass bottle in order to retain the colour of the wine.Refrigerate and serve chilled.

1.The colour of the wine purely depends upon the type of grapes used.If you use red grapes you will get good red colour for the wine.But if you are using black grapes,you will get slight rose colour.So in that case you can add caramal syrup to the strained wine for getting good golden brown colour.Melt 1/2 kg sugar in a sauce pan.when the sugar melts completely it becomes dark brown, add hot water slowly in order to get caramel syrup.
2.Also increase the quantity of sugar if you need more sweetness.If the grapes are sweet no need of much sugar.But if they are sour,You need more sugar.So add sugar according to your taste level.
3.Always serve wine with a  cake preferably a fruit plum cake.

Enjoy and celebrate your Christmas with your loved ones

Happy Christmas in advance

Kottayam Kitchen


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