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Easy Paniyaram with coconut chutney

Written By Kottayam Kitchen on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 | October 23, 2013

Paniyaram with Coconut chutney
Its a typical Tamil Nadu snack dish used to prepare with Dosa/Idli batter with some vegetable tinge.We can prepare this dish as evening snack for kids as a variety.If we have some left over batter or if we are fed up with dosa/idli for 2 days we can finish the batter by making this easy dish.For preparing this, we need unniappam chatti or paniyaram pan for making this  exact shape.I'm explaining pictorically for easy understanding.

1.Dosa/Idli batter-2-3 cups
2.Grated carrot- 1/2 cup
3.Cut onion-1/2 cup
4.Curry leaves/Coriander leaves - 3-4
5.Green chilli-1
6.salt -to taste
7.Oil - for frying.

1.Colour wise this represents our national flag.But its not.Its the vegetables used for making paniyaram.
Pic 1: Cooked vegetables
2.I used grated carrot and sliced onion.Cook onion with little oil and mustard.Saute it well until transluscent.Mix carrot along with onion and cook. add some coriander leaves and chilli if needed.
3.Transfer this cooked vegetables to the dosa/idli batter.Mix it well and add directly to the hot paniyaram pan when the oil becomes warm.

Pic 2:Vegetable Batter

     Pic 3: Batter in hot oil pan
4.When one side is done fry the opposite side by simply reversing the paniyaram with a spoon.Add oil if needed.

Pic 4:Golden brown paniyarams
5.When both the sides turns into golden brown transfer it to a bowl.
6.Repeat the steps till the batter completes.
7.Serve warm paniyaram  with coconut or cilantro chutney.

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