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Mango drinks are my all time favorite and i love Maaza -- mango drink available in India.Summer is the time for all tropical fruits and our own mango.But now a days we need to think about the carbide content of mangoes,adding for its ripening.But pure mangoes from our own houses are sweet and delicious and off course carbide free..

here is the simple recipe for Mango drink

Ingredients needed

1.Ripe mango -1
2.Sugar - 1 tb sp(increase if needed)


  • Make a pulp/puree using mango cubes in a blender or mixxie.Add enough sugar and have it.
  • You can also dilute this puree/pulp with water and drink it as mango juice.

Mango jucie or Mango squash

Boil this mango puree with enough sugar and allow to cool.
Transfer this to a good bottle or container and store in freezer.
Dilute this puree with water and ice.
Enjoy your mango drink...
cool idea...


  • Recently tried mango passion fruit coolatta from Dunkin and love that..So you can mix either passion fruit juice or lemon juice to this mango and make a great punch for you hot days..

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