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Ginger spicy wine recipe

Written By Kottayam Kitchen on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 | April 07, 2015

                                                         Spicy Ginger Wine Recipe

Happy Easter every one..Hope you all had a fabulous Easter.I have prepared this spicy wine for Easter.Didn't heard about a wine for Easter..uuhhh !!! never mind..Let's try this spicy wine next time for the family.Its very mild and can have by people above 15 or even ladies.My husband and friends likes this slight spicy aromatic flavor of this wine and the surprise you no need to ferment it for days or months.It can be seived after 3 days of fermentation.That means as you increase the days of fermentation you will get more acidic wine. i prefer less acidic wine for my family and i fermented for 3 days and get ready for Easter eve.Also i go with the natural colour of ginger and didn't add any caramalized sugar syrup and it just fabulous with the natural beige colour of ginger and after all its simply home made...I used some Easter eggs in back ground for colour..(my lit ones easter egg hunt balance)

Things to remember before making a home made Wine

  1. Clean a large earthen vessel and lid (pot made up of china clay) with soap and water.Dry this vessel in sun light.
  2. After adding all the ingredients to the the jar/vessel,don't fill the vessel upto the brim.Leave a 5" gap.It gives the space for fermentation of  the wine.
  3. Don't tight the lid.just lightly cover the vessel with a clean cotton cloth and tie with a thread.
  4. Take yeast and sugar in equal quantity and mix it with 1/2 cup luke warm water for 15 min.Add this yeast - sugar mix to the wine only when it forms good foams.
  5. While transferring the fermented wine,please seive the win,other wise the settled particles gets mix up.
  6. Keep and store the wine in coloured glass bottles in order to maintain the colour of the wine.
  7. Do not fill upto the brim of the bottle,leave 4 " space.
  8. Good wine is always an aged wine..that is wine becomes in good quality when it becomes older.
  9. While fermenting,Keep this jar in a quiet place and don't open it always.
  10. Also you can add Wheat kernels to the wine for increasing the acidic content.Just the crush the washed wheat kernels in a mixxie and add to the wine.
  11. Stir the wine daily at correct time for 5 minutes with a wooden spoon,preferably in the morning.In order to avoid over fermentation,seive the wine in the correct date according to the recipe listed.(3 weeks,21 days for grape wine).
  12. Mark the days in calender for easy reminder or put alarm in your phone as a reminder.

Things you needed

  1. Good Earthen vessel or a glass or good quality plastic cooler - 1
  2. Clean Wooden spoon - 1
  3. Clean Cotton cloth or a good lid -1
  4. Long thread - optional(if you have a tight lid)
  5. Ginger chopped or grinded - 125 gm(1 cup)
  6. Sugar - 2.5 cups
  7. Water - 1 L(use 500 ml bottle for measuring)
  8. Yeast - 1/4 Tsp
  9. Cardamom - 3
  10. Clove - 4
  11. Cinnamon - 1 large piece
  12. Citric acid or lime juice - 10 gm(optional if you are not planning to store it for long time)


  • Boil water with sugar,grinded ginger paste and crushed spices.Reduce the flame and simmer for 15 minutes.Switch off  the flame and keep aside for cooling.
  • Keep the yeast and sugar in a bowl for fermentation by adding 1/2 cup luke warm water.
  • Transfer the juice to  the earthen vessel or the consider vessel after cooling.
  • When the yeast makes a froth or foam ,Add the yeast - sugar mix to the vessel and give a good stir.
  • Keep the vessel in a quiet corner of your Kitchen counter top.
  • No need to stir the contents daily since we are fermenting only for 3 days.
  • On the 3 rd day,seive the contents using a strainer and transfer it to coloured bottles and store.
  • I simply like the natural colour of ginger for the wine,so i didn't add the caramalized sugar.Its simply optional.If you want more colour,add this caramel syrup.
  • Chill and serve..enjoy  with your loved ones.
Pictorial representation

Boil water with all contents for getting the juice.

Keep this for cooling

My wine Jar/vessel(Its a  cooler container)

Wine after seiving

  • If you want more spicy flavour,add few dry red chillies while boiling.
  • Add caramalized sugar syrup more colour.
  • Also if you don't want sweet wine,reduce the sugar to 1.5 cups.
  • It can also be drink as fruit juice. 

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