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ONAM Sadhya

Written By Kottayam Kitchen on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 | July 23, 2014

ഓണം അടുത്തുവരുന്നു ......
ഒരു സദ്യക്ക് വേണ്ട അളവുകള്‍......
ഏകദേശം കണക്കാണ് കേട്ടോ ???


(measurements in  grams)

Rice - IF PONNI-1750 gms (1.75 K)
Rice - matta rice(Kerala) - 2000 gms.(2 K)


Ingredients needed

1)300gm parippu,dal
2)300gm kumbalanga, snake gourd
3)200gm vendakka, ladies finger
4)200gm thakkali, tomato1-2 nos
5)200gm  kathirikka.
6) 4to5 muringakkaya…


  • if needed u can add chembukizhangu and kothavara or any other vegs as you like. total veg should be approximately 1500 to 1750.If you r not adding grinded coconut  u can take 100 gms each more to make veg approximately 2250 to 2500 and 400gms parippu.
  • Pressure cook this parippu with salt and turmeric powder and cook vegetables separately with water and sambar powder..After cooking mix together.Add Kayam(hing) 1-2 pinch.Seasoned with mustard,shallots,curry leaves and cilantro.


250 vellari, 100 payaru, 200 padavalam, 200 carrot, 200 chena, 50 kothavara, 4to5 muringakkaya, 100 beans, and pacha vazhakka 2 nos and 2 Tb sp coconut oil
  • In a big vessel,pan or uruli,add 2 Tb sp coconut oil and add all the cut (lengthwise) vegetables in the list with enough salt.Close it with a tight lid and cook for 30 minutes.
  • When the vegetables cooks,add green chillies and mango.Cook this for another 10 minutes.
  • After that add Cumin + Coconut(grinded) to the cooked vegetables.Cook for another 5 minutes
  • Then add 2 Tb sp Coconut oil and  enough curry leaves.Mix it well and serve.


  • add little water while cooking vegetables.
  • Also if you need more sour taste,add 1/2 cup tamarind juice.
  • You can pressure cook the vegetables for 1 whistle and add the remaining things.
  • Normally we are not seasoning Aviyal.But if you like seasoning with small onion(shallots) and mustard,you are free to add.


 payar or carrot or beans or kothavara or cabbage or mixed it should be 750 to 1000 gms…

Koottu kari

 kadala or kadala parippu 200, kumbalanga 300 and chena 200

Pachadi(with veg or fruits)

  •  500 gms beetroot(eg) with 5 green chilly and one medium size onion chopped.
  • Copy and paste this below link to the browser for a detailed recipe for pachadi.
  • http://kottayamkitchen.blogspot.com/2013/09/onam-kerala-sadhya-recipe-beetroot.html


1000 gms vellary, 10 green chilly ittu vevikkuka nalikeram jeerakam sour curd fine paste and mix it…u can add 100 gms of fine chopped seedless grapes at last for a different flavor……


 Cook 500 gms of (Ash Gourd,Kumbalanga) and 10 green chilly in a vessel.Pressure cook 300 gms Kidney Beans(VANPAYAR) for 3 whistles. lastly10 grm inchi chathachittu pacha velichennayum karuveppilayum ettu thalikkuka.


4 nendrakkaya 500gms chena chethy cut cheyyuka (CUBE AAKKANDA) olanu mathan ariyunmpole…. Then mulakupodi manjappodi kurumulaku podi salt kurachu vellam ozhichu vattichu vevikkanam then100 gms coconut oilil kaduku mulaku karuveppila uzhunnuparippu and 2CUPS OF GRATED COCONUT enniva varathu kotty paste formil aakkuka


 500gms mango cut cheythu pakathnu salt kaayam 50 gms kashmiri chilly powder half tea spoon uluvappodi mix cheythu vekkuka …water add cheyyanda it will ooze within 12hours. after 12 to 15hours 100 gms idayam nallenna thilappichu puka varuthy ozhikkuka mix it up and serve fresh…

I will update this post soon


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