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Bread Gulab Jamun/ Bread Jamun Recipe

Written By Kottayam Kitchen on Friday, November 15, 2013 | November 15, 2013

                                    Bread Gulab Jamuns served with Vanilla Ice cream

Gulab Jamuns are my all time favorite and no doubt its the same for almost all of us.Mostly this sweet is made from milk products,egg and baking powder.But here im using an easy and quick method of preparation.I simply used the left over bread pieces and little milk.Now some people might get confused...How it will look..Is it tastes likes the Jamun..Yes,definitely its very easy and can be prepared within 30 minutes.This sweet Indian dessert can be made for any functions or festivals like Diwali or for guests coming to our house for a dinner or lunch. Its a main dessert item of almost all Indian restaurants. Ok. I'm giving the ingredient list and preparation method.

1.Bread slices - 4(I used only 4,since i had only 4 bread as left over.You can use more.But remember, add the quantity of other ingredients too)Eg.If you are taking 8 breads,Just double this list
2.Milk -1/3 cup
3.Sugar -1/2 cup
4.Water - 1 cup
5.Cardamom - 2 pods
6.Rose essence - a little(Not essential)

Preparation Method
1.Remove and separate the brown edges of the bread slices.
2.Dip and immerse the bread pieces in milk one by one and squeeze the excess milk and kept it in another bowl.
3.Mix and make it as a good dough using our fingers and kept it aside for few minutes.
4.Take a pan, add required water and sugar and allow the sugar to melt in medium flame.Add 2 broken pods of cardamom into the sugary water.We don't need thick syrup.So just boil it and dissolve the sugar completely.When the syrup forms bubbles switch off the flame and keep it aside for cooling.
5.Meanwhile make small balls out of the bread dough and deep fry it.

6.Dip the golden brown Jamun balls in the sugary syrup and kept it for almost 1-2 hours.

7.Serve the Gulab Jamuns with sugary syrup and if you like you can serve with Vanilla ice cream too.

Bread Gulab Jamuns in Sugar syrup

1.Make small or medium sized balls as you desire,since it won't bulge while frying like ordinary Jamuns. Reason is we are not adding baking powder for rising.
2.Add few drops of Rose essence to the sugar syrup.And it is not essential if you don't have it at home.
3.Dip the Jamuns in sugar solution for atleast 2 hours before serving.By that time Jamuns will soak nicely in the syrup and can be serve as soft dessert.
4.For  dipping the Jamuns, Sugar syrup must be warm enough,not too hot or cold.
5.Just fry the bread balls as golden brown in colour and don't make it burn.

I hope this easy step by step pictorial representation is helpful for all.Try out this quick version of Bread Gulab Jamun. I'm sure you all like it.

Happy weekend dear viewers,

Kottayam Kitchen



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