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Eggless Chocolate Almond Cake

Written By Kottayam Kitchen on Friday, August 23, 2013 | August 23, 2013

My inspirations for cake baking is my mother.Mummy used to bake cakes for all of our birthdays and their(my lovely parents) wedding anniversaries...I was also very interested for mixing cake batter along with her in my school days...She measures all ingredients correctly and mixing was my part..Mummy is having one electric baking oven and have good home science skills which she learned before marriage  helped her,most importantly her interest in baking and cooking varieties....So im also following her path,after marriage we bought cakes only  for our 1st anniversary,remaining for all birthdays i baked cakes....My husband won't like baking on birthdays since in their house they have a custom to buy cakes for all occasions....But now he likes my cakes since its coming out so nice....:-)Also i don't like this cream frosting  cakes which is available in shops.. During our  parents college days before marriage girls should go for a home science course for 6 months or 1 year for learning how to become a good house wife with all cooking and house keeping techniques.I know most of your mothers should have this excellence(exception is working moms who are spending less time in kitchen)...Since in those period there is no internet in our place and nothing is available  without attending those classes.Now a days we are fortunate with this internet and we all are becoming good experts in cooking with google searches....
Seriously our parents and siblings are wondering by seeing our cooking dishes and photo clicks which we are posting in FB.Yes, really we all have tremendous options for new developing life.
Ok leave it.Coming to my recipe.

 Being a non vegetarian i didn't think about an eggless cake or didn't search for eggless cake recipe.Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.So after a small nap in the evening i thought about to bake a cake.For that i searched for cake making ingredients i couldn't find eggs in my kitchen.So i planned to make an eggless cake and searched for its recipes.I got so many options for vegetarian cake recipes.So here im giving you a neat  and combined explanation of eggless chocolate- almond cake which can be prepare for any occasions.It came out with well with good soft texture.You can see the softness and texture in these photos...

                                         Eggless Chocolate - Almond Cake

Ingredients needed
1.All purpose flour/maida - 1.5 cups
2.Cocoa / Chocolate  powder - 3 Tbsp
3.Baking soda - 1 Tsp
4.Baking Powder - 1 Tb sp
5.Sugar(powdered) - 1.5 cups
6.Salt - 1/2 Tsp
7.Oil/Butter - 5 Tb sp
8.White vinegar - 1 Tb sp
9.Vanilla extract - 1 Tsp
10.Cold milk - 1 cup
11.Almonds - 1/2 cup


1.First take two bowls,add all the dry ingredients except sugar  to bowl 1,one by one in the correct measurements given.
2.Mix the powders with a spoon and seive this powder to another bowl 2 with a seive.This will help the mixing of all ingredients correctly.(cocoa powder will mix correctly with flour by doing this)
3.Keep the dry powders aside and take another bowl for liquid ingredients.
4.Add powdered sugar(normal sugar which is powdered in a mixxie) and oil/butter to the second bowl.Mix it with an electric mixer or using a whisk for 5- 10 minutes.Also add salt and white vinegar.
5.When the above mix forms a slight creamy consistency, add milk slightly(1/2 cup each at a time)and mix it well
6.Mix the contents until it forms bubbles.When it starts bubbling, stop mixing with electric mixer and add the dry powders to the milk + sugar mix(1/4 cup) at a time.
7.Mix it only using a whisk,when the powders completely dissolves,add the remaining powder and mix it lightly.
8.When the whole cake batter forms a creamy consistency,stops mixing and keep aside.
9.Take afew almonds and cut it into 2 or 3 pieces.Add some maida/flour to the nut pieces and coat it well.Add this flour coated almond pieces to the batter and mix it using a flat spatula.
9.Pre- heat the oven to 250 degree(no matter if it is celsius or F).
10.By this time,take a baking dish, spread butter to the bottom and all  the four side walls of the dish.Or you can use oil spray.Also spread some flour above this butter layer and invert the dish down side for removing extra flour dust from dish.
11.Also you can place a butter paper to the dish and apply all butter and flour  to the paper.That is your wish.But if you are using a good glass baking dish like pyrex without any rust,there is no need of butter paper.
12.Transfer all the cake batter to the dish using a plastic flat spatula and spread the batter uniformly to all sides of the dish.
13.Slightly tilt the dish to all corners,inorder to remove all the air bubbles in the batter.(If air bubbles are present it forms cracks in the top of the cake while baking.)
14.Carefully  Place the almond nuts to the batter.Here i choose heart shape.You can choose this or what ever design you like.Don't dip the almonds to batter...just place it according to your desired shape.
15.When everything is ready,place the dish to an Oven and set the temperature to 350 degree and close the door and wait for almost 30 - 35 minutes.Time varies depending  on the cooking oven.Don't keep it more than 45 minutes.
16.After baking,check the centre of the cake with a tooth pick.If the tooth pick comes out clean the cake is baked perfectly.
17.Keep it at room temperature for cooling.
18.After complete cooling,serve the cake with some vanilla ice creams.

                                              Chocolate Almond Cake

                                        Chocolate cake with  choco vanilla bar/stick

1.Measure the dry powders correctly,its the key point of making a good cake.
2.Since we are not using eggs,which also  helps for raising of the batter,here we are using more baking powder and baking soda compared to normal egg cake recipes.
3.Pre heat the oven when all batter is ready.No need to pre heat at the beginning before you start.So after pouring the batter to the dish,you can place it.
4.After adding the dry powders to the butter-sugar mixture,mix everything very gently and softly and do not mix for long time.
5.After pouring the batter to the dish completely,try to tilt the dish to all the four sides,to avoid and reduce the formation of air bubbles/space in the batter.This will help to avoid the breakage of cake at the center when it is done.
6.Instead of cocoa or chocolate powder you can use instant coffee powder for making cocoa batter.Then only the name of cake changes to coffee cake...:-)
7.Coat almonds or whatever nuts you used,with all purpose flour/maida.This will helps the nut to stick in one place.Other wise nuts will go deeper to the lower portion  of the cake while baking.

I'm sure your kids will enjoy this chocolate delight cake.Try this  cake recipe and enjoy the moments...This cake is dedicated for all vegetarian viewers and those people who don't like the egg smell in some cakes...Please leave me your valuable comments.

1.Next time while preparing the cake batter, i will try to take photos step by step...I hope i gave all the steps correctly.Please follow those steps and any cake recipe video for more information

Happy Weekend dear viewers..

Happy Cooking

Kottayam Kitchen


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