Mango Ice Cream Recipe without an ice cream maker

Mango Ice  cream

   We all love mangoes. (March-May) is the month for mangoes in India.But in USA its June to September. Lots of varieties of mangoes are available in Kerala.I still remember  my school days during our annual exam time me with my brothers used to eat raw mangoes while studying. Perakka manga is so good as raw,no sourness. Kanni manga,nattu manga,neelan manga and  the list goes on...

I know everybody has some mango stories to tell.

Ripe mango is so delicious with its sweet and sour taste.In addition, Mangoes are rich in fibers;which helps to reduce appetite and thereby prevent obesity,maintain blood sugar level, eliminates all toxins from body.

So having mangoes and mango dishes like mango ice cream,mango lassi is very healthy for us especially to our kids,who love Ice creams...
Here comes an easy and simple recipe for Mango Ice Cream.

Mango Ice cream

1.Mango Pulp - 2 cups

2.Condensed milk - 3/4 cup
3.Evaporated(whole milk) - 1 cup

Note:How to extract mango pulp....
Take 4-5 ripe mangoes which are juicy.Clean and remove the skin.Cut mangoes into pieces and blend will get mango pulp.

Otherwise you can use mango pulp available in tins(Indian shops)


1.Mix all the 3 ingredients in correct proportion using a whisk.

2.Blend the mixture once for a  few seconds in a blender or Mixie.
3.Pour the mixture to an air tight container and keep in freezer for 2 hours.
4.After 2 hours,pour the mixture(it should be about to set) to a blender or mixie and blend for a few seconds.
5.Pour it to the air tight container and keep in freezer for 3-5 hours
6.Scoop out to a serving bowl

1.Setting time will vary depends on the freezer temperature and refrigerator.
2.You can increase the quantity of condensed milk as per your sugar taste.No need to add extra sugar.
3.Serve with your favorite topping

See you soon with another flavor of taste

Enjoy Cooking:):)

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